Let me tell you about my boat

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This month marks two years since we bough our boat, the Bella Fonte. We signed the papers two years ago on Halloween, in a local sushi joint, with Sausalito’s costume parade going on outside.

And two months ago now, Brian moved his art studio onto another boat, rowing out load after load packed in our neighbor’s dinghy.


This weekend, we spent lazy afternoons out on the studio boat, watching the boats and the seals. We don’t have electricity or Internet there, so I read aloud to Brian as he worked, stumbling over the names on kings in Herodotus and sketching absent-mindedly in the margins of my books. (I got rid of most of my books when we first moved aboard, figuring ebooks and the library were enough, but Herodotus and Homer seemed boaty enough to keep around).


They’re short days in November, but good ones.