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So yesterday, I got a letter in the mail from my insurance company. The letter, which had looked so benign in it’s bulk-rate envelope, contained the surprising news that my insurance had been canceled on September first of this past year. Now, as all two and a half of you readers out there know, I’ve [...]

I spent the morning running around like crazy, finding some lost files and not finding others, dreadging information from long-forgotten data systems and generally behaving like a headless chicken unleashed on an unforgiving, flickering florescent-lit world. Finally, at 3:00, I took lunch. I ordered some mushroom soup from a nearby deli, ran a series of [...]

My phone gently expired at some point in the midst of Beowulf’s gut blasting shenanagins the other day. I’d been getting this blue screen of death-type thing intermittently when the thing was low on batteries, but this time, it lasted a whole day, and no amount of plugging it in or turning it on and [...]

On the killing of darlings

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The hardest thing about writing a syllabus is the editing down. Last semester, I had the gall to actually edit the Iliad (and I questioned throughout the course whether I’d done the right thing, though I’m happy I included all the supporting texts I did). But this time it’s even worse. There are stacks of [...]

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I'm a librarian. Special skills include dog charming, brochure writing, slapdash cooking and long-winded nattering. I also enjoy watching the sunset's reflection in the tall buildings downtown.

For a while there, I taught classes on Classical literature, philosophy, and the history of religion at New College of California. I have an MA and an MFA in Writing, and live on a boat in Sausalito, CA.