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Nasty, fat hobbit seeks same

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I’ve been looking for part time work for some time now, and recently ran across this ad: Relationship Assistance – Part TimeDate: 2009-04-28, 7:43AM PDT Super busy affluent SF Arts/ Entrepreneur who travels a lot for work needs part time help finding a girlfriend/LTR.

Aaaaaand Scene.

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Brian and I are walking down the street. A man walks by in stylized safari getup, including combat boots with the pant legs tucked in, and a wide-brimmed hat. Me: Do you think he’s a Man in the Yellow Hat fetishist? B: What? Me: That man (points exaggeratedly with eyes). Do you think he’s a [...]

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I'm a librarian. Special skills include dog charming, brochure writing, slapdash cooking and long-winded nattering. I also enjoy watching the sunset's reflection in the tall buildings downtown.

For a while there, I taught classes on Classical literature, philosophy, and the history of religion at New College of California. I have an MA and an MFA in Writing, and live on a boat in Sausalito, CA.