Reading Log: The Dragon’s Pearl, by Julie Lawson

Posted by in Canadian Children's Lit

The Dragon’s Pearl, by Julie Lawson, Illustrated by Paul Morin • Clarion Books, 1993. Xiao Sheng is a happy child, one who sings as he works and enjoys his life, even though he and his mother barely earn enough to get by. One day, in the midst of a horrible drought, Xiao Sheng finds a verdant patch of rich, green grass. He cuts the patch and sells it in the village, only to return the next day and discover that all the grass has grown back. What follows is a…read more


Reading Log: Adventure on Thunder Island

Posted by in Canadian Children's Lit

Adventure on Thunder Island, by Edna King and Jordan Wheeler • James Lorimer & Company, Publishers, 1991. 95 Pages. There are four short stories in this book, each of which tells of a First Nations child experiencing a pivotal moment, often supernatural, that teaches them something about their culture. In one story, a boy meets a strange girl in the woods who claims to be his sister. In another, a girl washes ashore the titular island and meets a strange man who already knows her name. The stories, arranged in…read more

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